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Just Right Services, Corp.


24/7 Emergency Service

Fires don’t warn you when they are going to strike. In most cases, families don’t have time to grab their treasured belongings from their home, which may include photographs and objects of sentimental value. Here at Just Right Services, Corp., we want you to know that while you may have lost a lot, you haven’t lost everything.

We are here to restore hope as well as your home. From the moment we receive your call until your home is brought back to its pre-fire and soot-damaged condition, we promise to be by your side.

Don’t take matters into your own hands
We at Just Right Services, Corp. understand your sense of urgency to restore your fire damaged home back to its original condition. This is a job best left up to professionals. There are, however, certain things you can do as well as not do, to minimize the health and safety risks associated with fire and smoke damage:

Avoid walking in affected rooms as you can inadvertently spread soot
Avoid eating food that was in the affected room
Avoid drinking tap water
Do not turn on heating or cooling systems
Do not turn on electrical appliances
Do not attempt to clean carpets, floors, furniture, walls, etc.
Do not reenter your home until the fire department says it is safe to


While our team always does our best to be by your side as quickly as we can,

in the unfortunate event your home or business is consumed by a fire,

please refer to the above list. Your safety is important to us.

Commercial Business Fire Damage

When it comes to a fire at your place of work, no two situations are the same. Buildings are made from different materials, some of which are more flammable than others. Feel confident knowing that our team has the necessary equipment, the expertise, and personnel to restore your business back to its prior state, no matter how severe the damage.

In the event the sprinkler system is triggered, give us a call. Our team of professionals will be there as soon as we can to handle all your water damage issues.


Free 24/7 Estimate

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"After Hurricane Sandy Just Right Services came in and took care of my house! The owner was so caring and understand of how I lost my whole first floor. They did an amazing job and were so meticulous of every detail! My house looks amazing like nothing ever happened. Reasonable priced compared to other and excellent work and honest and caring owner!!"


Thank you, Melissa D!

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